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Credit Card Holder for Cell Phone 2 Pack RFID Blocking Finger Grip ALBAN in USA

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  • SET OF 2, self-adhesive RFID blocking, cell phone Credit Card Holders, attaches securely to most smartphones or phone cases. Universal fit designed for iPhone, Samsung, or other Android phones.
  • TURNS YOUR CELLPHONE INTO A CONVENIENT WALLET: Card sleeve holds your driver’s license, student ID, debit or credit cards, cash, parking pass, movie tickets, or ear buds.
  • BLACK AVAILABLE FOR LEFT OR RIGHT HAND users. Whether you hold your phone in our left hand or right hand, we have the pocket wallet for you. Select your preference.
  • BUILT-IN FINGER GRIP makes it easy and secure to carry your phone, cards, and cash on the go. High-quality, durable, card wallet sleeve holds items firmly in place; great for the gym, walks, travel or daily use.
  • REMOVABLE If you wish to replace your phone wallet, pull it firmly off your phone case or device. Should any residue remain, simply soak a piece of cloth or paper towel in vinegar and place it on the sticky residue. Let the residue soak for a few minutes to soften it. Then wipe the residue off. 
    Alcohol wipes, perfume or cologne, are also effective at removing the adhesive. Spray, or apply with soaked cloth, then wipe clean. 
  • RFID BLOCKING: Helps to protect your cards from electronic identity theft. Fits up to 5 cards.
  • SLIDES EASILY IN AND OUT OF POCKET: Soft, elastic, stretchy fabric sleeve is designed to be easily removed from pocket or purse. Perfect for men, women, and teens. Measures 5.8 cm W x 9cm L
  • Rose Garden is designed by US multi-media artist Vanessa Kiki Johanning. A rare chance to sample her artwork.

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